FarAway in Oregon

Episode 5

The town is getting ready for the 15th annual “CopyCat Crnival and Doppleganger Gala” and is starting to look festive. Carl, brother Amos, Margot, met up with Skydrive, some guy from LA with a van, crystals, and lots of kombucha. Skydrive saw the trending videos of the weird shit happening in Cobalt Springs and wanted to see firsthand the unusual things happening in town. They invited him to accompany them to check out the site of the mysterious disappearance of Dale the exterminator on the roof of the high school. Mr. Berkman (Berkmon) let them up to the roof of the high school where they heard some mysterious noises… upon opening the door the gang surprised a group of froglike beasts with sharp teeth and claws feasting on some possums. After murdering them, they decided to take one and put it in one of Skydrive’s coolers to show Dr. Park. While picking up the beast identified as a NoogNooog by Berkmon, the see a bright light appear in the distance. They decide to call Dr. Park and check it out. They pick up Dr. Park in the van and head to the lumberyard, where they suspect the light source emanates. They arrive to see 5 humanoid rat-creatures and a couple zombies scrambling on a 5-foot hill of sawdust and an orb of pulsating light floating 8 feet above the hill. They try to run them over with the van, but it gets stuck in the sawdust. After trying to reason with the Ratlings, they are attacked…Some of the troupe get close to being seriously injured but they succeed in defending themselves by killing everything. Luckily the zombies don’t take sides and bite the Ratling leader…who is later finished off by a crystal thrown by SkyDrive which lands in his eye socket. Mr. Berkman, who helps in the battle is impressed with the fortitude of the group and kind of embarrassed at his lack of showmanship in the battle. Dr. Park stayed in the van and is really freaked out by everything and is surprised by the dead NoogNoog in the cooler he has been sitting on in the van…What will happen next? Will the gang help Dr. Park regain his composure? Will they figure out what is happening with these portals? Will they help Mr. Berkman find the shapeshifter? Is the Mayor the Mayor or is he really Xevin the shapeshifter? If so, Where is the real Mayor? Also, who will autopsy this NoogNoog? Will their videos keep trending? How many twitter followers does Skydrive have now? Will Carl ever get a decent video of an unusual occurrence? What will Margot tell Frank? How does Brother Amos rationalize this in his schema of the world and his religion? …


laurenmonaco laurenmonaco

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