FarAway in Oregon

Episode 4

Our heroes spent the morning at the doctors getting fixed up after their encounter with the Noknil (Lincoln clones). The one remaining Noknil is in jail and doesn’t quite know who he is or where he is. Deputy Johnson makes some press passes and puts them in an envelope under a mailbox near the High School for the gang. They talk to the principal Mrs. Grimis who says they can come back after school hours. They talk to Mr.Berkman the groundskeeper (who Carl thinks is an alien) to make an appointment to get entrance to the Hight School roof that evening… It turns out…From sharing some of the weird things they’ve seen in their conversation with him, …Mr. Berkman reveals is not from around here. I guess that makes him an alien. IN fact! He was extremely excited/concerned to learn about the portal. He shares he is a bounty hunter and arrived in Colbalt Springs when he followed a criminal shapeshifter through a portal, much like the one described. He’s been on the hunt for a being who loves all sorts of power, especially the electric kind. The group suspect the Mayor …Mr. Berkman wants to use caution and stealth as to not give away his position and lose the shapeshifter once again…He has a magic rock that can detect shapeshifters but only works in close proximity. The group wonders if the shapeshifter is in the form of the Mayor, what happened to the real mayor? Is he alive? The group scooby-doos around town for more clues. They go to a junkyard and acquire a Hall and Oates 8-track. Carl figures out the places where there have been reports of sightings make the shape of a hexagram… Ooooo spooky…. They head back to the High School to go up to the roof … there are strange noises coming from up there…. duh duh duh! What will happen next? Who will join our gang on their quest to solve this mystery or otherwise achieve their various goals?


laurenmonaco laurenmonaco

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