FarAway in Oregon

Episode 3

Carl and John run to the gift shop to investigate the mysterious light…and are joined by Margot, a decile of Frank’s, who was headed to the hotel to talk to our heroes when she was also attracted to the bright mysterious light. They decide to check it out… as they approach the bottom of the tunnel they see 3 men that look exactly like Abraham Lincoln emerging from a large bright white portal floating in the air. Hear Lincolns have axes and make attempts to “harvest” the party. They talk in unison and are pretty creepy. Ropes, bow and arrows, and camp axe eventually kill 2 Lincolns and leave one roped and wounded. We learn they are called Noknil and harvest life forms to make more Noknil. He loses his hat and the party keeps the axes. He gets knocked unconscious and the group calls deputy Johnson who throws the Noknil ( who in this light and without his hat looks more like a hipster than a former president) in jail. He’s booked on attempted assault on our party. They visit Dr. Park and share about the portal, lincolns, and axes. Dr park says “this changes everything.” Our heroes also meet up with Ba Noi and after picking her up from bingo she shares a seven-star sword with Margot because… feminism. She also offers to teach martial arts to the crew- but she needs time to prepare. The gang head to the hotel with new equipment and mysteries to solve.


laurenmonaco laurenmonaco

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