FarAway in Oregon

Episode 2

the biker and Sasquatch hunter head into town to talk with the locals. They visited the local high school and talked to the grounds keeper, Mr. Berkman. .He asked weird questions. Carl thinks he’s an alien. They wanted to check out the site of Dale’s disappearance, Mr. Berkman said they’d need some sort of official permission. They had pie and coffee with Ma of Ma’s Pies. She thinks Carl should go on a date and lists the single ladies in town and shares other gossip. They head to Frank’s and hear more about why he thinks the end of days is upon us and describes a vision of monsters/angels. The biker and frank bond over a baptism. They head to the movie theater and talk to Gabe and find out about the dead body. They dumpster dove and find a piece of shiny cloth. They head to the Vietnamese restaurant where they get dinner and learn a little about the tough grandma, Ba Noi, who talks about “night demons”. They decide to head back to the hotel. Upon their arrival- there’s a power outage, they witness red and blue sparks coming from the gift shop and see a bright light coming out of the back near the mines…


laurenmonaco laurenmonaco

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