FarAway in Oregon

episode 1:

Our PCs are united by a Reddit thread posted by Devon Johnson, a young deputy sheriff in Cobalt Springs Oregon. He regularly posts under the name of “thetruthisouthere”. His posts include strange sightings, some blurry images of creatures in the woods, non-human (maybe reptilian?) footprints, and shaky videos of humanoid monsters (swamp thing? zombies?) Some look faked while many others are more convincing, but leave enough room for healthy skepticism. There are many accounts of disappearing dogs, a missing car (that “disappeared out of thin air”), and a few people (though many believe the new weirdness in the town caused them to move away). One of the strangest occurrences is a cryptic text from Dale the exterminator who claims he saw a “bright light” about 8 feet across while trying to evacuate a family of possums from the roof of the high school. The exterminator disappeared and no one has seen him since. Locals have reported other strange phenomena occur around town: long blue & red sparks jumping from silverware or other metal, glasses and bottles shattering, animals behaving strangely, electronics shorting out, lights flickering, etc. Some religious locals believe they have seen signs of the end of days…

Through his Reddit thread, Deputy Johnson has asked a few of his online “friends” for help finding the truth. Our heroes all come to Cobalt Springs to see things for themselves (for their own reasons).

Our heroes (3 of them) find themselves drawn to Cobalt springs, Oregon to help Deputy Johnson find the truth behind the paranormal activity in town (as per his request via Reddit). Carl (the sasquach hunter), John (a Native American spiritualist), and a mysterious born again biker meet up with deputy Johnson at the diner. He gives details. He seems especially concerned that Dale the exterminator disappeared after texting about seeing a bright light. The party sees a notebook that belongs to Dr. Park, a “geologist in town”. He’s probably not who he says he is. There are noises in the back – they are surprised to see violet rabbits with blood on their face. Some heroes- they run away. They hear reports of a dead body behind the movie theater. Later there’s no trace of a body at all. They check out the mystery shack. Weird noises. There’s a zombie beheading in the mine behind the mystery shack gift shop. Heroes break into Dr. Parks’ office. He gets mad, they apologize and now are working together to support his research of time portals.


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