FarAway in Oregon

episode 6
daddy's girl

The gang drops off Mr. Berkman and Dr. Park at the Roller Rink. Mr. B decides to stay to help calm Dr. Park’s nerves. He calls and asks Carl to make sure the building is locked up. Margot, Brother Amos, and Carl head back to the High School after dropping everyone else off to make sure they locked up. They run into a teenage girl who also seems to be checking out the High School…She has been following the Reddit thread and recognized the roof in the Facebook live video. She seems interested in the roof of the High Schoo and shares that her dad disappeared from the roof of the H.S. a few weeks ago. She’s been staying with her grandma, who thinks her dad just skipped town, but she thinks otherwise. The videos of bright lights, monsters, and portals have given her hope that her dad is still alive…somewhere. Carl confirms her suspicions and outs Mr. Berman as someone “from another world” who is hunting down a shapeshifter and Margot shares what she knows about Dr. Park’s portal research, but she’s not sure if they all go to the same place. Jo shares she doesn’t care where they go, she just wants to find her dad. Carl is impressed by her pluck at tosses her the wavy knife he took from a dead ratling. Jo makes a pretty good show of flipping it right into her leather jacket.
They talk for a while until Carl realizes that he’d rather not get caught talking to a teenager after midnight near the High School. They agree to meet up at the Library the next day after the gang heals-up at the free clinic.

After Jo shows up to the library (late), Brother Amos, Carl, and Margot fill in the dots and share what they know so far. Jo thinks the CopyCat Carnival mixed with a Doppelganger shape-shifter is sure to make some crazy shenanigans. They discuss plans to have someone dress up like the mayor and have someone else kidnap the Mayor, marking the mayor’s clothes, and other trap ideas. Carl explains the map and shares his theory that the portals all make a hexagon shape…if the Elysium hotel also has a portal. They wonder if something is going on there….Is the real Mayor closer than they think? No one knows much about as the teens don’t go there to smoke pot anymore. They prefer drug hill…. Which is where they meet Deputy Johnson to share with them their new suspicions and information since they last spoke…After the Deputy agrees to look more closely at the sheriff’s activities, he shares that there have been people trashing the Reddit thread. One particular user, VAgK1nG69 has been posting videos that are much clearer than Carls, and are trending like crazy. VagK1nG69 also tears down all he is videoing and keeps talking about how “fake” it is and how the people who posted the originals are just nerds and dweebs. We learn that VAgK1nG69’s real name is Kevin McAllister. A real jerk. Jo has some bitter feelings toward him. He’s also the nephew of Mike Stark, the other town Deputy who also is a real asshole. Deputy Johnson promises to follow-up.
The gang wants the Deputy to help them meet the mayor and he gives them Shirley, they mayor’s secretary’s extension. As a side note, Deputy Johnson shares how impressed he is with the Ratling battle and tells the gang that Shear Madness, the hair salon has been asking for someone to get rid of their rat problem if the gang is into earning some extra money.
The gang makes an appointment for the mayor under the guise of press stories to promote the festival. They also call Dr. Park who is feeling much better! He has talked to Mr. Berkman and is really interested in finding out more about how physics are manipulated in his world. Mr. Berkman referred to it as “magic”. He also found out more about the moon and it’s connection to the portals – well at least he found out that the portal opens in the Roller Rink on New Moon. He is determined to go through it…though he also really wants another Blue Crystal like the one he has on his machine.
Mr. Berkman agreed to get a phone
Dr. Park agreed to buy it and teach him how to use it
Jo agreed to get Mr. Berkman a fake ID.
There were also 2 epic montages.

Episode 5

The town is getting ready for the 15th annual “CopyCat Crnival and Doppleganger Gala” and is starting to look festive. Carl, brother Amos, Margot, met up with Skydrive, some guy from LA with a van, crystals, and lots of kombucha. Skydrive saw the trending videos of the weird shit happening in Cobalt Springs and wanted to see firsthand the unusual things happening in town. They invited him to accompany them to check out the site of the mysterious disappearance of Dale the exterminator on the roof of the high school. Mr. Berkman (Berkmon) let them up to the roof of the high school where they heard some mysterious noises… upon opening the door the gang surprised a group of froglike beasts with sharp teeth and claws feasting on some possums. After murdering them, they decided to take one and put it in one of Skydrive’s coolers to show Dr. Park. While picking up the beast identified as a NoogNooog by Berkmon, the see a bright light appear in the distance. They decide to call Dr. Park and check it out. They pick up Dr. Park in the van and head to the lumberyard, where they suspect the light source emanates. They arrive to see 5 humanoid rat-creatures and a couple zombies scrambling on a 5-foot hill of sawdust and an orb of pulsating light floating 8 feet above the hill. They try to run them over with the van, but it gets stuck in the sawdust. After trying to reason with the Ratlings, they are attacked…Some of the troupe get close to being seriously injured but they succeed in defending themselves by killing everything. Luckily the zombies don’t take sides and bite the Ratling leader…who is later finished off by a crystal thrown by SkyDrive which lands in his eye socket. Mr. Berkman, who helps in the battle is impressed with the fortitude of the group and kind of embarrassed at his lack of showmanship in the battle. Dr. Park stayed in the van and is really freaked out by everything and is surprised by the dead NoogNoog in the cooler he has been sitting on in the van…What will happen next? Will the gang help Dr. Park regain his composure? Will they figure out what is happening with these portals? Will they help Mr. Berkman find the shapeshifter? Is the Mayor the Mayor or is he really Xevin the shapeshifter? If so, Where is the real Mayor? Also, who will autopsy this NoogNoog? Will their videos keep trending? How many twitter followers does Skydrive have now? Will Carl ever get a decent video of an unusual occurrence? What will Margot tell Frank? How does Brother Amos rationalize this in his schema of the world and his religion? …

Episode 4

Our heroes spent the morning at the doctors getting fixed up after their encounter with the Noknil (Lincoln clones). The one remaining Noknil is in jail and doesn’t quite know who he is or where he is. Deputy Johnson makes some press passes and puts them in an envelope under a mailbox near the High School for the gang. They talk to the principal Mrs. Grimis who says they can come back after school hours. They talk to Mr.Berkman the groundskeeper (who Carl thinks is an alien) to make an appointment to get entrance to the Hight School roof that evening… It turns out…From sharing some of the weird things they’ve seen in their conversation with him, …Mr. Berkman reveals is not from around here. I guess that makes him an alien. IN fact! He was extremely excited/concerned to learn about the portal. He shares he is a bounty hunter and arrived in Colbalt Springs when he followed a criminal shapeshifter through a portal, much like the one described. He’s been on the hunt for a being who loves all sorts of power, especially the electric kind. The group suspect the Mayor …Mr. Berkman wants to use caution and stealth as to not give away his position and lose the shapeshifter once again…He has a magic rock that can detect shapeshifters but only works in close proximity. The group wonders if the shapeshifter is in the form of the Mayor, what happened to the real mayor? Is he alive? The group scooby-doos around town for more clues. They go to a junkyard and acquire a Hall and Oates 8-track. Carl figures out the places where there have been reports of sightings make the shape of a hexagram… Ooooo spooky…. They head back to the High School to go up to the roof … there are strange noises coming from up there…. duh duh duh! What will happen next? Who will join our gang on their quest to solve this mystery or otherwise achieve their various goals?

Episode 3

Carl and John run to the gift shop to investigate the mysterious light…and are joined by Margot, a decile of Frank’s, who was headed to the hotel to talk to our heroes when she was also attracted to the bright mysterious light. They decide to check it out… as they approach the bottom of the tunnel they see 3 men that look exactly like Abraham Lincoln emerging from a large bright white portal floating in the air. Hear Lincolns have axes and make attempts to “harvest” the party. They talk in unison and are pretty creepy. Ropes, bow and arrows, and camp axe eventually kill 2 Lincolns and leave one roped and wounded. We learn they are called Noknil and harvest life forms to make more Noknil. He loses his hat and the party keeps the axes. He gets knocked unconscious and the group calls deputy Johnson who throws the Noknil ( who in this light and without his hat looks more like a hipster than a former president) in jail. He’s booked on attempted assault on our party. They visit Dr. Park and share about the portal, lincolns, and axes. Dr park says “this changes everything.” Our heroes also meet up with Ba Noi and after picking her up from bingo she shares a seven-star sword with Margot because… feminism. She also offers to teach martial arts to the crew- but she needs time to prepare. The gang head to the hotel with new equipment and mysteries to solve.

Episode 2

the biker and Sasquatch hunter head into town to talk with the locals. They visited the local high school and talked to the grounds keeper, Mr. Berkman. .He asked weird questions. Carl thinks he’s an alien. They wanted to check out the site of Dale’s disappearance, Mr. Berkman said they’d need some sort of official permission. They had pie and coffee with Ma of Ma’s Pies. She thinks Carl should go on a date and lists the single ladies in town and shares other gossip. They head to Frank’s and hear more about why he thinks the end of days is upon us and describes a vision of monsters/angels. The biker and frank bond over a baptism. They head to the movie theater and talk to Gabe and find out about the dead body. They dumpster dove and find a piece of shiny cloth. They head to the Vietnamese restaurant where they get dinner and learn a little about the tough grandma, Ba Noi, who talks about “night demons”. They decide to head back to the hotel. Upon their arrival- there’s a power outage, they witness red and blue sparks coming from the gift shop and see a bright light coming out of the back near the mines…

episode 1:

Our PCs are united by a Reddit thread posted by Devon Johnson, a young deputy sheriff in Cobalt Springs Oregon. He regularly posts under the name of “thetruthisouthere”. His posts include strange sightings, some blurry images of creatures in the woods, non-human (maybe reptilian?) footprints, and shaky videos of humanoid monsters (swamp thing? zombies?) Some look faked while many others are more convincing, but leave enough room for healthy skepticism. There are many accounts of disappearing dogs, a missing car (that “disappeared out of thin air”), and a few people (though many believe the new weirdness in the town caused them to move away). One of the strangest occurrences is a cryptic text from Dale the exterminator who claims he saw a “bright light” about 8 feet across while trying to evacuate a family of possums from the roof of the high school. The exterminator disappeared and no one has seen him since. Locals have reported other strange phenomena occur around town: long blue & red sparks jumping from silverware or other metal, glasses and bottles shattering, animals behaving strangely, electronics shorting out, lights flickering, etc. Some religious locals believe they have seen signs of the end of days…

Through his Reddit thread, Deputy Johnson has asked a few of his online “friends” for help finding the truth. Our heroes all come to Cobalt Springs to see things for themselves (for their own reasons).

Our heroes (3 of them) find themselves drawn to Cobalt springs, Oregon to help Deputy Johnson find the truth behind the paranormal activity in town (as per his request via Reddit). Carl (the sasquach hunter), John (a Native American spiritualist), and a mysterious born again biker meet up with deputy Johnson at the diner. He gives details. He seems especially concerned that Dale the exterminator disappeared after texting about seeing a bright light. The party sees a notebook that belongs to Dr. Park, a “geologist in town”. He’s probably not who he says he is. There are noises in the back – they are surprised to see violet rabbits with blood on their face. Some heroes- they run away. They hear reports of a dead body behind the movie theater. Later there’s no trace of a body at all. They check out the mystery shack. Weird noises. There’s a zombie beheading in the mine behind the mystery shack gift shop. Heroes break into Dr. Parks’ office. He gets mad, they apologize and now are working together to support his research of time portals.

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